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Bayer Rewards Program is a points based reward program, where you can earn & accumulate mPoints by submitting inner mPins and later redeem these mPoints for attractive rewards.

How to Register?

In order to earn points (mPoints), the first step is to register for the Bayer Rewards Program.

You can register through your mobile number by sending URID(Unique Retailer Identification Number) as a text SMS to 7738836668 For Example : SMS “BR00225” To 7738836668 (as shown in the image).

Once you send SMS, you will receive a confirmation of your registration on your mobile number. You will also receive unique 4 digits PIN Number, through SMS.

PIN Number will be used for placing redemption request & to change registered mobile number.

In case your mobile number in under DND (Do Not Disturb) registration, kindly send SMS “START” to 9902019001, to receive uninterrupted SMS service from Bayer Rewards Program.

Please contact Bayer CropScience Sales personnel for your URID Number or Call 040- 67332222, for more details

Earn mPoints

Earn mPOINTs for each inner mPIN scan.

Earn mPoints

mPoints are earned every time you submit inner mPin/s to our representative and mPoints get credited in your account automatically on scanning of these inner mPin/s. You can accumulate these mPoints and redeem them for exciting rewards!

The mPoints can be accumulated from 1st April 2012 till 31st March 2015 on products billed by Bayer until 31st December 2014.

Yes, you can carry forward mPoints to the extent of 100% till 31st March 2015. However, Retailers with less than 200 points earned in a financial year will not be allowed to carry forward their points to next year and the mPoints will get lapsed.

Details of mPoints per shipper / inner mPin, is made available in Program Catalogue.

Redeem mPoints

mPOINTs can be redeemed for incredible rewards.

Redeem mPoints

You are eligible to redeem mPoints, moment you have accumulated 200 mPoints, in specific redemption window period.

Redemption window will open once in a year for a period of one month (Jan-Feb or Apr-May).

Redemption request can be placed in different ways:

SMS: Type “Reward Code” & “PIN Number” (without any space) & send it to 7738836668 Example: If Reward Code is G001 & your PIN Number is 1215, then the message should be G0011215

Call Center: All you need to do is to call at 040-67332222 & ask Call Center Agents to guide you on placing redemption request.

Website (www.) / Online: Place request through Bayer Rewards website.


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